Monday, November 2, 2009

Cherry Stout

Well here's something I've been anticipating for a while now.   A while back I brewed the Cherry Wit recipe from Briess.  It was good, but different in that I haven't really aquired a taste for something quite that dry.  Don't get me wrong - I drank about 3 gallons of it.   But I digress...

I had been holding onto the last gallon or so, waiting for this Imperial Stout to naturally carbonate.  The goal was that I'd make a half & half with Cherry Wit on the bottom. 

So tonight I broke out the spoon and (well that didn't work so well given the tap pressure and lack of a third hand) so the Cherry was pretty well blended all in with the stout.  But I enjoyed it.

Mmmm, the adventures of homebrewing.  This will send me searching for other straight up Cherry Stout recipes.  The wife tried it and suggested a Vanilla-Cherry-Stout.   Mmmmmm, off to ponder that now.