Sunday, September 30, 2012

Belgian Ale

Well it has been a long while since I posted and a lot of brewing and other beer work has gone on around my home so look for a few updates!

Today I stepped back from all grain and just did a kit.  Mostly because I put off finding a recipe too long before the local HBS was due to close for the weekend.  But all is well, I'm going round two with a True Brew (tm) Belgian Ale kit.  A cool feature of this kit is the rock candy sugar. 

About a year ago I brewed this same kit and it went very well and I was delighted to finally have a Belgian beer ON TAP in my house!  This had been a goal for longer than I care to admit.

Now I must look into some all grain recipes for Belgians and pick something out.  Cheers!

brewed: 9/30/2012
O.G. 1.058 (right on target)
secondary fermentation:

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